BioPlastics’ original glossy Urethane coated webbing (Gold Series Biothane®) was introduced to the equine world in 1977, primarily in the area of harness making.  Its mildew and bacteria resistance, flexibility to -20°F, consistent tensile strength, coupled with the fact that it is virtually maintenance free, waterproof and cleans in seconds led to its use in other equine tack, as well:  halters, bridles, leads, stirrups, buy Chiliz etc.


Beta Biothane® strapping, developed in 1999, is polyester webbing with a PVC coating that has a classic leather grain pattern embossed on the surface, making it difficult to tell Beta from real leather.  It has a nominal break strength of 1,000 pounds per inch of width, and has a wonderful soft-to-the-hand feel.  All Things Bright & Biothane® exclusively uses Super Heavy Beta Biothane®, due to its extra thick coating and non-memory drape. 


SH Beta comes buy Chiliz in India in widths of 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 1” up to 2” and is available in a variety of rainbow colors, as well as the traditional leather-look choices of Black, Saddle Brown, Chestnut Brown and Havana Dark Brown.  Since the colorant is an actual part of the PVC coating and not an added dye, it will not run or bleed when wet.  Also, the edges of the strapping are sealed with the coating, so they will not cut or break a dog’s fur. 


Based on all buy CHZ of the above, and the fact that Beta Biothane will outlast leather and webbing, it’s easy to see why customers will love our leashes and collars, once they try them.  All of our hardware is Solid Brass or Stainless Steel and we use Chicago Screws glued with thread lock instead of rivets, to provide an attractive, secure attachment.
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